Friday, November 30, 2007

一时兴起 (I'm writing again!)




我的伤痕, 你的一时兴起

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rubic Cube

A college student was flaunting his skills on the bus.
And I thought to myself: "My boy can do that 10 times faster."
Then I remembered, he is no longer my boy.
So many had tried to coach me-
The trick I heard so many times.
Yet I didn't make it cos I didn't put my heart in.
I mean, the one who invented the toy had earned the bucks.
Breaking the code- how would it benefit?
Ha, I'm back to the material me.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nothing in Life is wasted

Well said!
"My friend is coming for the Ladies Connect!" I was so excited that night.
Even if the whole cell only has one friend brought by me, all the effort will still be worthwhile.
"Sorry, I'm not coming already."My hopes crashed.
Holding bags of potato chips and refreshment in the train,I nearly broke down.
Call me emotional or weak,but all the preparation for the last few weeks has drained me of all my energy.And all I wanted, is support from my teammates and assurance that I aint fighting out alone.
I dragged my feet to Riverwalk but deciding in my heart,it is still going to be a great meeting with Nanz Chong-Komo.Seeing my buddy fellow leader, I let out a few grudges but got over soon enough as there are better things to get myself busy with.
30 minutes before the meeting starts,Hui came early to help out and said that her sister is coming!
15 minutes later, Wee texted me that she is having dinner with her friend at Central and both of them will be slightly late.
Yeah yeah!
Thanks to all who went all out for the event:
Cookie monster for the sound
Monsteru for the music
Cheryl for the joy
Xuan for ushering the presence
Linda who remained responsible despite her schedule
Ling ah Ling for the so many things including a trip home
Shushan for the intro and finishing
Qinhui for listening
Wee for obeying
Qinhua and Mingxian for coming
And Patrick (Patrick? Yes, Patrick) for the manhood and servanthood.
Of cos, Nanz for the time.
She made me feel that I belong to a BIG zone before KS becomes one.
Wrong decisions made, is not wasted if you know how to handle the outcome right ultimately and stop making the same mistakes.
Failures along the way, is not wasted as long as you bounced back stronger.
The friend that didn't come in the end, the invitation is not wasted. A seed is sown.
The harvest is near.
No, is here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Man On The Stage

I used to dislike him.
Then I grew to respect him.
Now I start to worry for him.
What happened to the language?
Call me religious (I am not!) but I am still stubborn about this: how can one praise God with the same tongue that curses and swears?
Praising a holy God using a defiled tongue-totally unacceptable.
I didn't return to disliking;I just stop respecting.


I sure can twist my emotions these days.
One moment smiling over the phone; the other moment,hung up the phone and uttered " cheapo, crazy, giam siap, siao."
How unglam.
But when I look at my monitor with my sales report on screen,it's hard to keep my cool.
I need a break.From blackberry, from work, from enquiries, from sales, from clients, from factories, from MCST.
KL seems like a great idea.
So do-
Movies alone, kinokuniya alone, night cycling in groups, ma-la-huo-guo in groups, kbox alone, massage alone, rockclimbing in groups, Seattlers in groups.
This sunday.
Thanks for the undivided attention even it was just for that 5 minutes.
I feel important :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Passion & Prayer

We came out of the meeting agreeing we should pray more often as a zone.
Enough of the talks and strategic plannings.
We need to get our hearts right first. In one direction, one vision.
And we are going to the hill next week too! All thanks to Jim :). But if I want to be nice, maybe, I will suggest a less branded hill.
Plead with me bro *wink*

For the Frog-In-The -Well

That's him :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Panic Attack

I hate the stage of waiting and speculating.
Not waiting for blessings or promises to come to pass but for a reply, a call, a sms, an email.
The last time I couldn't breathe and heartbeats doubled was in a KTV Room.
No,the last time was earlier in my office.
I worried when there was no response after calls were made and smses were sent.
Then I speculated.
Argh,I need to overcome the fear.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"I do!"

I used to think that marriage is just about the two and so, should the wedding.
I wanted a matrimony with just the immediate families at the habour and thereafter,the newly weds will board the cruise,heading straight for honeymoon.
However,after witnessing another couple in union today, I realised I no longer looked forward to such senario.
I want to have as many shared my joy of finding the right one, especially the leaders from YK,VIC and obviously, KS zone.
Then E47 and my N154.
Yeah yeah, I drool over the thoughts of having Pastor Kong and Sun to grace the occasion but I aint greedy.The first 2 categories will be more than enough.
Blame it on the wedding invites packed back-to-back.I'm starting to worry about my own wedding plans.
Wait, I should go by order.
The first worry should be: Who's the groom? And,where?

P/S:Pastor and Vic are the best partners in "suaning" people.They nearly got me rolling on the carpet.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Overcoming Stress

I laughed when I saw the sermon.
Not to my unbelief but it brought me back to reminiscence on how I used to bust my stress:
(1) Cut my hair
(2) Clean up the room
Of cos, the methods are temporal and cutting hair can only be done once in a month even though I might be feeling the heat everyday. Ha, I don't want to end up botak before my time.
Anyhow, I better stick to the 8 steps given *wink*.
Oh, the sources:
(1) I'm 27 and single and STILL available. Why? WHy?? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???
(2) Low sales level which leads to...
(3) Little comission which results in...
(4) Lesser income
(5) Aging symptoms. The wrinkles, the eyebags, the slowing metabolism rate...etc
(6) Weddings. Not the ang-pows but, why is it everyone except me?!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


ArgH...1 more month.

I want my MONEY!!!

Not need, just want :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark of my life

Mark-a feature or a distinctive character.
What is the mark of my life?
Eons ago, I made a remark: When I pass on, I want to be remembered as someone who loves God more than life itself.
This statement flashed across my mind again during worship this morning.
My life, Lord, is marked by my love for Thee and Thee alone (language influenced by that Bernard who recites his wedding vow in KJV style yesterday)- at least, this is the cry of my heart.

K1 and K2

I was really a little disappointed after seeing the sms.
Afterall,we really went the miles.
But,it is his day.
So most importantly,he enjoyed himself.
He is doing alot-alot more than what we can see and imagine.
I salute him.
And I, want to imitate him as he imitates Christ.
But, can I?
Let me start with fasting.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Excellent, even when watched alone.
Afterall,the movie is the star:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


There's a hole in the puzzle-
I think I lost a piece.
But it doesn't matter.
That's when I'll come in,
And make it complete.
Ha,sound a little boastful.
What I meant is:
I want to be a part of IT :)

Sunday, November 04, 2007


It's such a no-no to shop during this period of time.
Nonetheless,I took up the challenge to see-see-look-look for Pastor's birthday present.
As expected,I spent more time in the ladies boutiques.
Thank God I didn't make any impulsive purchase like I did on Friday while waiting for the Js (Joshua and June)-I bought a pair of Levis jeans at a discount,which I realised it is kinda short for my 4-inch later.Sigh.This marks the appearance of pumps and flats again.
Anyhow, I hope Pastor will love the AX and DKNY.Personally, I favour these 2 brands.
Oooh, christmas is just 2 months away, here's a list of what-to-buy *grin*:
(1) Mango wide leg jeans
(2) Mango sling bag
(3) AX skinny
(4) Celion Dion's Belong fragrance
(5) DKNY big face,white leather watch

A n B

Ha, NOT Anne and Bernard.
Arise and Build.
Holding the pledge card, I cried, "This may not be the biggest amount among the other givers, but God, this is my best."
However, I hope I can give a few more hundreds at the end of the 6 months and exactly double my giving for the next Arise and Build.
Build my life to be a better:
- daughter.
- cgl
- friend
- collegue
- person.
Amen and amen.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm not seeing the end results yet.
Truth is,I just stepped in the salon for 20mins.
However,I am already groaning in agony.
Whoever serves a cup of tea with a lipstick stain left behind by the previous customer, should be crucified. And I wish, I can just nail the hairdresser somewhere.
The constant nagging about my hair condition really boils me.This is already a fact and that's why I opt for a more expensive package with a better hair treatment.
Also,the pointed end of the comb is used to segregate my hair, not to poke my scalp!Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!
Oh boy, I think I have 3 more hours to go.
But one thing I've learnt, I won't give another 3 more hours at this salon ever again.
Who cares about the miserable discount the card offers?!

Friday, November 02, 2007


It has been a long time since I preached to a group of 20 over.
I'm back to the "toilet-prayer" habit before cell meeting. And I cried out, "let it not be a man's voice but God, Your voice speaking to the people."
True enough, He showed up.
Now I have seen how 22 looks like in Raymond's house, it is easier to imagine how 39 will look.
But not with another cell.
God, bring it on!

Latest from Mr Jay







Thursday, November 01, 2007

I want to...

- walk against the wind holding a cup of latte.
- go on a bus ride from one interchange to another interchange.
- listen to Rod Stewart sing that song again.
- be piggybacked when my legs start protesting
- take the lift without fearing when I am on my way home after leaders meeting.
- stroll along the beach barefooted
- watch the sunrise
- make sandwiches
- knit a scarf

My, what am I thinking!?