Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Seen through the hearts of many this season.
I dont know if I should regard it as lucky or unlucky.
But my feelings are such- I am disappointed.
So, nothing's really real.
And I laughed. Sarah's kind.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Dysfunctional Fan + Fabulous Lights

The fan isn't working at all even at its maximum "3"! :(
BUT, ptl for the pretty lights.
The orange corner lights are so cosy.
Of cos if we wanna get serious, the white side lights are available too.
So overall, I am HAPPY.
Disclaimer: I am emphasizing because that someone is upset when I kept harping on the "can see, cannot use" fan :p
And btw this is the 3D image of my living room(supposingly)...

Sunday, April 03, 2011


I hate it.
I think I sound silly saying this since nobody really loves conflicts.
But I really dislike it to the extend that I will keep mum, swallow up all my thoughts and agree to everything to avoid having an argument.
Not because I feel I am "less right", but it is just so pointness.
To explain myself is not difficult; it's the "again and again" that drains up the energy when no one is willing to compromise.
So usually I will be the ONE so as to close the case,end the story.
Don't I feel upset having my ideas and rights neglected?
Yes I do.
But thank God for that gift to forget unhappiness easily.
Don't I feel it's so unfair that I have to be giving in always?
Yes. In fact, all the time.
But somehow I will "psycho" myself into beliving that it's just a small thing.
I'm not too sure how long I can last.
I hope, forever.