Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sweetest Devotion

"The one thing that I need, be seated at Your feet"
This part of the song kept ringing in my head.
We had never wanted to build the biggest or the largest;
The riches or the most influential.
We just want to contain all sorts, all cultures, all statutes of people to worship.
If all fails, we will still be glad to have a place at His feet.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm still happy to be in this church

I call it my home- CHC.
The friendships built;
The ability to forgive and forget;
The confidence to conquer new grounds;
The strength to learn from failures;
The courage to move on from my past and the many many more.
It has never been the "popularity" that draws me and keeps me here;
It will never be the accusations and deflamations that pulls me away.
Be it a hundred or a million[if only!], who's the one giving?
I'm not sreaming and yelling, cursing or swearing
I'm just amused by the "concern" of the unconcerned parties.
What a show!
Na, I'm still happy to say "I'm going home this week. You wanna join me? :)"