Monday, August 15, 2011

14 August, Sunday

Yippee! Our bed arrived today liao!!
BB wants to start utilizing the bed from tonight but no NO way.
How can he enjoy the whole bed when I paid for half of it?!?!
Anyway, did the measurement today for gown alteration.
Aiyo, really quite skinny. Heard about cutting 5 inch at the waist?!
We walked to Bugis after that and I like it.
Been a long time since we "walk" together cos BB is always tired :p
But we did it today! Lovez!!
We tried cheesy chicken at KFC and eee, not as nice leh.
Since we are not satisfied, we bought "I love tai-mei" bubble tea.
Forced BB to pose at the stall which he reluctantly did.
I know I will sound weird but it is such acts(doing wat I say after my whining) that will warm my heart and bring a smile on my face.
Cutesy BB :)
We went hospital to visit Vien's dad and Bernard's mom- both in SGH.
Uncle Yap's ward was so crowded. Good to c him in better spirits.
Also, so sweet to see Bernard kissed auntie's forehead when leaving.
Praying for speedy recovery.
And guess where we headed after the visitation?
I have never been there so it was an eye opener.
But I think we must be crazy to go on a sunday night.
Many many many people.
BB was busy being my bodyguard and he looked super fierce plus tensed thruout.
Haha, the higher class Mustafa building has higher class shoppers too.
They were avoiding any body contact with me and gave way to me.
Overall experience is nice!
Guess I won't go again (at least during weekend) cos the prices aren't much of a difference.


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