Monday, July 31, 2006

The Man That I Love

"Bring us the man that you love!
Show us the one who has captured your heart!
Who has caused you to lose all your senses
And yet bethroned you the wisdom the world has not.
He must be a good looking man.
No, this is what I meant-
He must be the best looking man.
Why hide him?
Why not introduce him?
You know we will all adore him.
Come, bring us the man that you love!
And we will love him as you've loved."

I did.
I brought Him along.
And everywhere I go,
I showed Him off.
You didn't see.
You don't believe He exists.
Yes, yes, how I wish:
You will love Him the way I'm doing.
To love the Man I love.

New Born

Newly birthed blog.

Clap clap.

Hope it won't end up in the trash or recycle bin.

No promise thou :p