Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Joseph's Dream

Nope, I'm not interpreting the overly interpreted dream.
Rather, last night I was drawn to the passage whereby Joseph was sharing his dream with his loved ones.
Boy, he was excited but he didn't get the same response from those who heard him.
His siblings mocked at him while his parent rebuked him.
For leaders who have loved ones who laughed at your vision to grow a seed, multiply a group, remember where God brought Joseph.
For loved ones who have friends who laughed at your hardwork to pursue a dream, realise a vision, remember where God brought Joseph.
It might not be where you wanted to be initially, but, it is where you can bring the same glory to him (Joseph never thought he would end up in Egypt, yup?)
Reaching the goal is fantastic.
But growing in the process of reaching the goal is, FAN-TAS-TIC.
I'm not there yet but, I'm feeling FAN-TAS-TIC.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

This morning I was just looking into the mirror and "ding"!!!
Not that I discovered a bunchful of white hair (if it is really that much, I will faint),
Not that a few more pimples or wrinkles have popped out (the cream and the pills, if not the knife, can salvage. So no big deal),
But suddenly a thought crossed my brainy: I no longer change myself to be accepted or to appear likeable.

I mean, for 1 person, I used to:
(1) Digest books weekly
(2) Read the dictionary
(3) Listen to oldies
(4) Invest in fashion magazines
(5) Write poems
(6) Be in flats
(7) Keep to short hair
(8) Act like a banana
(9) Look rich

I grew to like some of the above and some became my interests as a result.
However, to get me go through the process of accommodating others at the expense of my comfort, it seems a little tougher now.

Hmm. Need some room for thinking.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm so excited *wink*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a joke?!

And I was blabbering away with the leaders about my 3 "gan dong" after leaders meeting on Tuesday.
What 39 by 2009?
Now it seems further from furthest.
I feel so tiny on the 1 row with 11 that don't belong to me.
For the first time I sighed before I worshipped.
"You are awesome in this place mighty God. You are awesome in this place Abba Father. You are worthy of all praise, in you my life is changed."
Then I teared.
"You are awesome in this place, mighty God."
How true. I'm convicted.
Walk me out of the tent that I may see the sky.
To count the stars- I need 39.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mulan Keighley

This girl is so Mulan.
Determined and strong-willed.
Although she cries when she fails after many tries (that's her only channel of venting her frustrations at the moment-she's a baby, mind you!), I'm sure she will grow up to be no pushover.
Yeah! There's a Chua Mulan in my house!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I have been sleeping only at 3 or 4am last few days.
Good thing is, the jigsaw puzzle is almost done.
The promises should be coming to pass soon.
Oh man,the thought itself is exhilerating.More effective than caffeine.
I am smiling my way to sleep(hopefully before 3am)!!!
Maybe someone will get me to China soon :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


My heading is getting more and more boring these days.
Whatever happened to the writor-wannabe?
Aren't we taught to have captivating titles to lure the readers?! Well, sometimes this doesn't apply.
Afterall, my members told me "Evening" sounds like an awesome movie. I mean, " Huh? I beg your pardon??" It sounds more like a flat and slow moving show.
I truly need a shoulder to SLEEP on (not lean on) if I do watch it.
Anyway, the KS leaders went out with Pastor Ken for fellowship today.It was extremely precious as he is seldom in town.We didn't just exchange about growth and more growth, but we shared about our lives and plans.
Pastor brought us to an Indonesian Restaurant and as usual,he paid for the meal.I hope to work towards a person like him who is always generous with his money, time and grace.
We celebrated Rong's birthday and went to SKIN impromptu so that Rong can choose the jeans she "coveted".Haha.Pastor paid for the outstanding (Wah...).
We went Coffeebean for some drinks (how many children can we sponsor to school?Hmm...).
We parted goodbye from there.JK and Rong dropped by my place before the next birthday celebration at Seattlers.
It warms my heart to have friends helping me to fix up the Tian An Men Jigsaw Puzzle.It might not be exactly what they liked to do to pass time but they offered to help.A simple act means much to me. Likened to a vision supported by fellow workers.
Radio JK and traumatized Rong! Big thanks :)
Of cos, we left for Seattlers shortly to join the rest. We were screaming in every round of games.
Fun, FUn, FUN!!!
Rong has a FCUK perfume while Mingli has a Addidas watch.Hope they like the thoughts!!!
Also also, Wenxing came and he looks good- with a vision to work towards.
So I need at least 20k leh.
Pastor Ken told me to find a "golden mountain" but still, I hope to depend on myself.I really do not want to factor financial wealth in as a key priority when looking for a boyfriend.
VIC wasn't that rich when my sister married him. NOTE: wasnt. Meaning,now is.Hahaha....
Although the night wasn't all pleasant, I'm glad things are cleared.
I will defend my friends in public but I will rebuke them privately when truly they are at fault.
Because others may see only their bad but closer ones have seen their good and bad. That puts the latter at a better position to correct.
So Lamb Lamb and Xuan should have more private time with me.
And I might end up being slaughtered by their "tongues".
That's how we are sharpened :)
Looking forward to Tuesday not for the "big hi" but according to SS and Mel, Pastor YK has much to share---shipped from Korea.
I will stop comparing the 2 leaders and start treasuring the one whom I have currently.
He, has made THE difference.
And because of how he laid down his life for his pastor's vision, I will lay down mine for his vision.
Today's entry seems a little scattered.Its an eventful sunday!
I mentioned to Pastor Ken about my silly crush.
In fact, all the leaders were around.
Aiya, I'm 27. What's there to hide regarding an infatuation in my early 20s?
Rong and SS looked so shocked when I told Pastor Ken.
I should have mentioned how crazy I was with Leon Lai.
Same callibre. Celebrity status.
Zero possiblity.


Lian(4) Ren(2)-I like this korean drama!!!
The lao da is soooooo charming.
Yes yes, I like the feeling of being protected.
Anyway, that's not today's highlights.
On my way to church,a member smsed me that he will be coming for today's service instead of sunday, although he has afternoon class. Reason being: he wants to join the cell group in worship and fellowship.
That blew me off as it came from a 36 years old adult. Only then I am sure that cell group meeting on the previous night was really good.
Afterall, its not about how anointed I was but how much they caught.
"God spoke to me to increase the amount after you prayed!"
That's another encouragement. Cell group leaders never became one for some hidden agenda but all work towards seeing the members' lives changed and their relationship with God tightened.
Like what I told Rachel, "CGLs don't get paid hourly."Ha.
Sally and Johnson came for service today.The drama was good, the preaching was great but its the video clip that speaks the loudest.Well, action speaks louder than words.Thanks Sun, for going so many steps ahead.
The friends didn't answer to the altar call,but I know it won't be long before they do. CARING SYSTEM!!!
A funny exchange with Sally-
Sally: "Free sitting in church is it?"
Me:"Ya, but I VIP so can take the front row."
Sally: "Really? How to be VIP?"
Me: "You clock in hours every week then will be given VIP membership FOC!!!"
Sally: "So easy?!?"
Ha. I hope she doesn't take me seriously but still, she can come and clock in the hours all she wants :)
We wanted to catch the movie BROTHER after church but the tix were sold out.So, we went to Fish n Co for dinner. Now I smell like a stingray-black peppered.Eee...
I really envied those who went with Sun.
They are able to lay the groundworks in China.
Urr, I'm thinking of Oscar's again.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reads: Chua Ah Peng Looking For Life Partner

My sister has gotten me into hot soup.
I felt something was fishy when Lamb Lamb left weird comments in my earlier post.
But my blackberry was down and like what my dear bro-in-law says:"Executive's house no computer?!?", I had no idea what was happening on the web,until now.
I suspect this is a conspiracy between the couple to force me to invest in a laptop.
Hmm, must be.
"Nua" Image-I kind of like this description.
And certainly, not every guy will do.
Only Made-in-USA and more recent years, Made-in-China Grade A.
Lamb Lamb should know :)
Oh! Ms Sim should just go-for-it.
Nice guys don't come that often.
Ha.He should be really nice. Pastor aka basketball kaki to vouch?
I'm random but, I want to go Oscar's, Conrad.
Say, NOW?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lin Feng

Oh man, he is MY type.
His eyes, his smile, his captivating!
That explains why I have been rushing home after work just to catch him at 8pm!
And he is sooooo sweet to his girlfriend.
Urm, it is part of the script lah.
Anyway,if you think you have his dna, you must be the one!!

P/S: His singing is MORE than marvellous!And it should have been spelt with an extra alphabet!(Don't think too hard *grin*)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My headache is driving me nuts.
It's either the weather (hot-cold super indecisive) or the pressure (shortage of sales!!!).
Xiaoming should see this entry and feel ever guility.How could he take me for a ride for, months?!?
Alson, Maurice and Lawrence too.
All the men...I am perturbed.
This is so bad that I actually thought of popping the pill. ME?taking medicines?? More impossible than the impossibles.So still, I didn't and continue to suffer the pain in silence.
Perhaps one day if Mr So-and-So stuff me with his honeycombed words of encouragement, I might. consider.Afterall, Sheryl already got a chance to lean on my shoulder.
Very soon, I will go around sharing drinks and food, eating almond beancurd (eee!),wearing shorter than mini skirts,dying my hair green,putting fake eyelashes,cooking, washing the dishes, moping the floor and wiping the table...etc.
Argh, someone must be dreaming.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Building Fund 2007

I hope to give 10K next year.
As such, something must be done this year.
It starts with my giving.
Boy,I am excited!
And its just the initial plan.
I can't wait to hear from God.
I want the amount to be realistic ,not logical.
I want my giving to be mixed with faith,not fear.
I don't want to breeze through another Arise & Build.
It can be stormy for all it wants.My God is on the boat and He saves the day!
I want to believe, help my unbelief.
A familiar tune is heard over the radio.
Argh, we missed by just a bit.
Thank God there's still 2008 :)
You heard that?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I am 2 bus stops away but I need the toilet say, now?!
That's why I decided to blog to distract myself.Ha.
Anyhow,I spent the day shopping for my friends before I meet Yvonne and Michelle for dinner and then, with the rest for a short get together.
I guess I have to pack my sunday with more events.Otherwise, I wake up each week feeling a little isolated when most my pals are in church.
Hee.The agony of an umarried woman.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Selemat Hari Raya

I'm not trying to be funny but this festival is worth celebrating even for the Chinese, this year!
Off-in-lieu is given since the holiday falls on a saturday and my company has emphasized that it must be taken within the next 3 months.
And boy, I really need a good excuse for taking a short break- not that I have run out of leave.
As all sales personnels are aware, no work means no bread on the table.
All thanks to God's grace, these 2 weeks of sales already superceeded my September's sales figures. *clap clap*
And finally, I have time to calculate my comission that is coming in next month. It's a pleasant surprise :) LV wallet, I'm coming!!!
Oh man, it should be like what Dr John would say," LV wallet ($$$) should be running after us!"
Anyhow, it's time to slow down a little. I ain't stepping back but preparing how I can move ahead and make greater advances.
I hate to be caught in a cycle. I need to know where I am heading and not trapped in a rat race.
I shall go for a spa, pedicure, body massage and some manjong sessions.
Speaking like a real Tai Tai. HDB brand. *Grin*
I witnessed my mother's tender loving care towards baby Keighley.
I going to surprise her with a shopping spree on Monday.
She really deserves it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogging Again

It's a long journey from Holland to Tuas Checkpoint then to Paya Lebar.
So, you can't blame me.
Anyway, it's good to keep my sister occupied before she is bored to death.
Better not digress any further :p
The bumpy bus ride (transport allowance not enough lah) stirred up some thoughts in my brainy.
Or rather, it brought me back to memory lane.
Whole my life, I thought, is all about music, fashion, arts and entertainent.
"I can't wait to graduate! I want to be a singer, an actress, PR manager, designer, fashion guru, boutique owner or ...."
The list goes on but never did it cross my mind that I will end up in a security company doing sales.
Well, I didn't compromise on my 18's and 21's beliefs!
I am a singer in church, in cell, in bathroom and practically everywhere.
I act! I sound like I am smiling over the phone when I can't wait for the client to put down the phone.Not to all clients of cos!
I PR a lot. If not, why on earth would I give that guy 3098 after he complained how unlucky 3079 sounds?
I design. Eileen will protest thou!
Fashion guru? When have I gone wrong?
I own 4 pieces from SKIN.Doesn't make much of a boutique owner.Soon soon!


Hmm,Pastor was really trying to be funny.
But thank God he was talking about the past.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


XF is now a mother of 2.
Xuan is someone else's wife.
Rong is to-be-married soon.
And me? Soon lah soon lah!
At least Fang and Ah Ling's status quo unchanged.
Hee. But, its in the air.
One of us should be up another level soon.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Two more to catch!
(A) Chuck and Larry
(B) Nanny Diary
Other than B, can someone else go with me?
Anyway,think he freaked out after knowing that I am a christian.
Good he backed off but, what's wrong with going to church?
People these days are sooo interesting.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Detective

Not for the faint-hearted.
Aiya, though I aint one,I should have at least watched with a macho man.Ha.
Anyway,Aaron Kwok did well.
Afterall, he was labelled as the best-actor for the Golden Horse Award one of the years.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Promises & Wishes

(A) China-piecing up. Thanks to the villagers
(B) Guitar-thanks to Aloy
(C) Sales- Should I credit it to the Ed Hardy shirt I bought, the offering I gave last sunday or ...???
(D) Radience- It's the Aloe Vera Mask from The Face Shop
(E) Movie-Thanks to Aloy again for the $2 off coupon
(F) Newcomers- June appeared. Thanks to Pastor Ken.
(G) Doctor- Rach has been fasting!

There's so much more. But what happened to the LV wallet, Gucci bag, Forest and Dempsy Hill?
I just claimed by faith!
It's coming !!