Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hornestly, this is not for me.
Or rather, I'm too lazy to try out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My God Reigns, Indeed.

A night of worship and prayer beats anytime, anywhere, with anywho and doing anyhow.
To reign is to be king over, to rule and to be the "largest" of all.
Sometimes I ponder about those who have had a relationship with God yet tumbled and fell under unexpected circumstances, opted for the permanent "solution" given a temporary problem, withdrew and left-delusion. I wonder.
At 2am, the mystery revealed like a book unfold page by page.
We cannot have a career without God being the "largest"; Not success.
We cannot have a dream without God being the "largest"; Not our personal agenda.
We cannot have a marriage without God being the "largest"; Not the spouse.
We cannot have a ministry without God being the "largest"; Not the growth.
We cannot have a life without God being the "largest"; Not our bank account.
Reason being, all else may change time after time. Only God remains as the unshakable Rock who is faithful and trustworthy at all times, in all generations.
As simple as that.

P/S: Large was intentionally used in placement of great. I knew God as a "LARGE" God when I was still young and a lover of fast food (I am still one). Large Coke. Large fries. Large equals to BIGGEST. So Largest equals to BIGGESTEST :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Holland Village to Botanic Gardens.
7 bus stops away.
Lost count of the number of traffic lights.
And, the number of runners who past me by.
I took 45 minutes, which is as good as the duration if I will to walk.
Nevertheless, a sense of satisfaction overtaken me.
The first step, always excites.
Balance, is so valuable yet many times, neglected.
CGLs, live a life of balance for your own's sake, for your ministry's and for your PCGLs.
How do you inspire? Not by burning out all the time.
Yes, the word of God but not to forget, your life.
Communicate discipline;
Communicate joy of serving;
Communicate courage and boldness;
Communicate the pursuit of dreams;
Communicate excellence in all things.
Your lifestyle speaks louder than your preaching :)
Amen and amen.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I am convinced after yesterday.
From the beginning till now, there's only one.
The only one.