Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day's difference

I was bouncing around on Monday then came the wrong move- to visit the dentist.
Since then, I had been living in agony.
I wouldnt think the fault lies entirely on the dentist but I guess the filling done was too deep and pressed onto my already infected nerves.
A small little tooth when not well treated, can cause so much pain and can affect everyday's life.
It works the same for a small offense, a small disagreement, a small misunderstanding...etc.
No wonder the chinese saying goes "Bin Cong Qian Zhong Yi"
Anyhow, I was really in pain.
So much so I scream and yell cos the pain travelled to my ear and my head which caused more pain!
I must have frightened my mom when she saw me lying on the floor weeping.
During these time, I am very grateful of friends who encouraged me.
I am especially touched when Xuan sent a photo of Michela praying.
Am surrounded by many angels!Of cos, my BB is one of them.
My sis accompanied me to NUH for the dentist to remove the nerves today.
Gosh, it was extreme. I was tearing throughout.
But thank God for the very patient dentist and nurse.
I am so much better now but I still need to visit the dentist in 6 months' time to do the actual root canal and crowning.
At least it takes some pressure off the pockets until wedding is over.
It will cost about $1.4k.
Now, I pray that the tooth will remain good and no further infection or pain will be experienced.
I just want a happy and simple wedding.
And I know my wish will come true. Amen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not blogging on your big day?

Saturday, September 17, 2011  

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