Sunday, September 25, 2011

And We Are Married (post came a bit late)!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A day's difference

I was bouncing around on Monday then came the wrong move- to visit the dentist.
Since then, I had been living in agony.
I wouldnt think the fault lies entirely on the dentist but I guess the filling done was too deep and pressed onto my already infected nerves.
A small little tooth when not well treated, can cause so much pain and can affect everyday's life.
It works the same for a small offense, a small disagreement, a small misunderstanding...etc.
No wonder the chinese saying goes "Bin Cong Qian Zhong Yi"
Anyhow, I was really in pain.
So much so I scream and yell cos the pain travelled to my ear and my head which caused more pain!
I must have frightened my mom when she saw me lying on the floor weeping.
During these time, I am very grateful of friends who encouraged me.
I am especially touched when Xuan sent a photo of Michela praying.
Am surrounded by many angels!Of cos, my BB is one of them.
My sis accompanied me to NUH for the dentist to remove the nerves today.
Gosh, it was extreme. I was tearing throughout.
But thank God for the very patient dentist and nurse.
I am so much better now but I still need to visit the dentist in 6 months' time to do the actual root canal and crowning.
At least it takes some pressure off the pockets until wedding is over.
It will cost about $1.4k.
Now, I pray that the tooth will remain good and no further infection or pain will be experienced.
I just want a happy and simple wedding.
And I know my wish will come true. Amen.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Eventful Sunday

Schedule was totally packed yesterday!
First, we went Habourfront to celebrate Ah Ma's 8X's burfdae.
I never have had any memory of my own grandma so each time I see BB's, I feel pretty excited yet apprehensive on what to say to her.
She is a very happy lady and loves to signal "thumbs up".
I wanna be like her when I grow old. Always so positive :)
We went off after the family photo to Kunyan and Shushan's housewarming.
It was supposed to end at 4pm but we reached at 530pm?
But I am so glad we still made it cos their nest is so so so impressive.
Credits go to Shushan!
I made a casual comment that their place was so nice while ours is so nothing.
I guess BB was a bit hurt.
Not that his ego was bruised.
Truth is, our nest is OUR nest no matter how good or bad it is.
What's important is whois staying in it that makes it special.
So, I am proud to say, our Bishan nest is fantastic becos of ME!!!!!
We stayed a short while before heading to PS for movie with the Js.
Thanks to Jimmy for the ride!
The Ape show is great. Totally enjoyed myself.
conclusion, time was well spent yesterday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

14 August, Sunday

Yippee! Our bed arrived today liao!!
BB wants to start utilizing the bed from tonight but no NO way.
How can he enjoy the whole bed when I paid for half of it?!?!
Anyway, did the measurement today for gown alteration.
Aiyo, really quite skinny. Heard about cutting 5 inch at the waist?!
We walked to Bugis after that and I like it.
Been a long time since we "walk" together cos BB is always tired :p
But we did it today! Lovez!!
We tried cheesy chicken at KFC and eee, not as nice leh.
Since we are not satisfied, we bought "I love tai-mei" bubble tea.
Forced BB to pose at the stall which he reluctantly did.
I know I will sound weird but it is such acts(doing wat I say after my whining) that will warm my heart and bring a smile on my face.
Cutesy BB :)
We went hospital to visit Vien's dad and Bernard's mom- both in SGH.
Uncle Yap's ward was so crowded. Good to c him in better spirits.
Also, so sweet to see Bernard kissed auntie's forehead when leaving.
Praying for speedy recovery.
And guess where we headed after the visitation?
I have never been there so it was an eye opener.
But I think we must be crazy to go on a sunday night.
Many many many people.
BB was busy being my bodyguard and he looked super fierce plus tensed thruout.
Haha, the higher class Mustafa building has higher class shoppers too.
They were avoiding any body contact with me and gave way to me.
Overall experience is nice!
Guess I won't go again (at least during weekend) cos the prices aren't much of a difference.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

One More Month... ...

Haha, guess readers probably thought I was referring to my big dae.
But well, it's the other B-day I am talking about here.
I seriously think I won't have much of a celebration this year since my wedding day will overshadow my birthday.
That is one reason you shouldn't consider placing 2 important events too close to each other.
Learnt a lesson but ha, I wont get a 2nd chance here :p
Dont have a long wish list this round as all I want for birthday is $$$$$$$!
If not for what's boiling on 10th, I will not ask for ANG POWS as bday gifts.
I prefer well-thought and well-shopped pressies BUT gotta be a little more practical this year and set the priorities right.
I welcome money :)
And quality time of fellowship. Just a simple meal at not-a-too-noisy environment.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Maybe we have been lying to ourselves

Becos of the rain, I realised how important the photoshoots are to me.
The disappointment was far too great.
I bought a beach dress and a straw hat just for today.
Not to forget the colour contact lenses.
BB has been wearing spectacles but decided to get contact lenses too.
I havent put on powder on my face for the longest time but did so this morning.
And, went to do my nails yesterday (it went terribly wrong thou!).
All these, just for the "pre-wedding" shoots.
Maybe, we do love to keep the moments in the album.
If we could.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a stubborn wife-to-be!

Headstrong and overly righteous;
Demanding and prideful;
Wilful and quick tempered.
Time to change!
Hopefully when I officially become Mrs Tay,
I will be mild and mellow;
A dutiful wife.